Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I know I haven't updates for a while but this will be a big post. Scott has started selling Insurance both corporate or personal. If anyone out there is interested in a quote let me know, I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't add in the plug :). However, because he started insurance he drove out to California for two weeks to train with his brother and their company. Karra and I flew out to see him for a week although the plane ride was hard we missed him and enjoyed seeing family. Karra got to play with her cousins which she loved. Scott and I even got to see our best friends Jacqui and Nick Sjol. It was awesome.

Karra's cousins pushed her around in a stroller wrapped in a blanket. she loved it.
Mommy and Karra at the park Mommy and Daddy used to hang out on.

Karra loved the swing!

Karra's "huh" face

Mommy and Kay Kay Love that kid!

Cousins playing tea party

Karra and Mommy

Karra giving Kay Kay a kiss

Kay Kay giving cousin Karra a kiss so stinkin cute!

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