Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ The Happiest Place on Earth ~

The last week we were able to take a family vacation to DISNEYLAND! We got there a little bit early to be able to spend time at the beach with Karra. We went to Newport beach on Monday and Corona Del Mar on Tuesday. They were both beautiful. Karra enjoyed the beach mostly because of the seagulls. If we didn't have our eyes on her the whole time she would run toward them....keep in mind these seagulls were about the size of her and yet she still wanted to run at them not afraid at all. She did the same with the water. On Monday night we were able to meet with Scotts sister Shannon and her family for dinner. It was so good to see them. On Tuesday night Shannons family and our family met up with Scotts brother Daves family. We had a blast! We then went with everyone to Disneyland Wednesday through Friday. It was one awesome Family vacation! Here are some pictures.

Scott and Karra atNewport Beach

Karra covered in sand

Mommy and Karra at Corona Del mar

Karra and Mommy watching the waves

Lounging in bed

At the entrance to Disneyland

Let the memories Begin!

All the Kids with Aunt Lori

Karra, Uncle Mark, and Cousin Jillian with Mr. Incredible

The Fam with Mickey Mouse

Aunt Lori singing to Karra during world of color

Yup Aunt Lori sung her to sleep
The Girls and Minnie
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Riding Dumbo

Bath Time! Her hair stays like that when I take her pony tail out so cute!

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)
We let Karra play in the water she was soaking!
All of the "Neilsons"
Getting ready for its a small world karras favorite ride
At the end of the trip

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