Friday, October 4, 2013


In August of 2012 we took a Family trip with the Neilson side of the family up to Pacific Beach Washinton. It was a 16 hour drive so we took two days to drive. Karra is such a good travelor though so it wasn't too bad of a drive. When we got there we stayed in these houses owned by the navy. We looked onto the beach it was so beautiful like something out of a movie! The beach was always cold but beautiful and flat. There were tons of tide pools and lots of sand for sand castles. We walked to the beach through this path that cut through a lot of plants so Karra called it the Jungle! We had a blast!
On our way to Washington!  

It was a long drive!

Some of Scotts family and I went horse back riding on the beach. Scott wouldn't go but I still wanted to. It was so relaxing and my horses name was buddy. Which is Ironic becuase just a month or two before my dog buddy passed away. It was a fun reminder of him!

Riding horses!

My horse buddy he had natural highlights

The view while riding

 Me with Buddy
Karra got to sit on Buddy too!

This is the infamous jungle

and the view coming out of the "jungle"

Scott and Karra making sand castles

The beach

 Looks like the beach from goonies

Karra playing

We had a family campfire and Karra decided she only wanted the chocolate from the smore

And she devoured it!

Scott and Uncle Mark playing around the campfire

At the end of a long two weeks!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The 4th

This year for the 4th of July we went to the Sandy city Parade because my Uncle works for Sandy City. The Parade was awesome. Karra had so much fun seeing all the "princesses" (aka city royalty). Also there were clowns and gymnasts and pretty much anything else you can think of. The military jets even flew over.
Waiting for the parade to start. It was so hot and everyone was sweaty!
Scott and I

Waiving the flag for the parade!

Lissy and I

Uncle Dave and Karra watching the parade

Say Cheese

waiting for the fireworks to start

Karra was so brave she loved the fireworks.


We took Karra on her very first boating trip this year. We all had a blast! The pictures speak for themselves.


 Mike and his wife Abby lived in her grandparents house while they were on their mission. They invited us over to hang out and see the horses. This was Karras first time being near horses.
She got to pet them.

My grandma and I at Mike and Abby's just hanging out.