Sunday, December 19, 2010

KARRA IS 1!!!!!!!!!!!

On Sunday we celebrated Karras 1st birthday! It was perfect. I made most of the decorations and the cupcakes it was stressful but turned out great! We had our family come over and Karra loved being the center of attention. Her face lit up when we were singing her happy birthday. Although we forgot to video tape the event we did take some pictures.

The Table!

The Food

Birthday girl!

Karras Cake! (the candle was mine for my first birthday)

Aunt Lissy and Karra before the bash!

Karra doing zoolander for the camera!

Mommy and Karra before the party

Daddy and Karra (I love this picture)

Daddy held her upside down... she was laughing but not for the picture!

Some of the family watching Karra open presents

More family

Mommy helping karra unwrap her presents!

Mommy and Daddy bought karra a toy stoller for her birthday..she loved it!
(mostly so she would stop pushing our furniture around the house!)

Karra getting ready to dig into her birthday cake!

Singing happy birthday

Digging into the cake!

After Cake, Karra got to play with her stroller....she was having so much fun!

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