Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holidays so far

So far this Holiday season we have had so much fun. We had Karra's first Thanksgiving this year. We ate at Scotts families house and Karra got to eat everything at the table. Eating leftovers we discovered she loves pumpkin pie! She doesn't get that from her mommy that's for sure. We also had the opportunity to spend some time with the Allen family. It was really good to see them. As for me I got the opportunity to go see the radio city Rockettes perform at the e center it was a great performance. (thanks dad!) I now have to start preparing for Karra's first birthday. The color scheme is pink and yellow. I am making cupcakes and also a little mini cake for Karra. I am even thinking about making homemade lollipops if I can find the right mold for them. I am really excited for her and hopefully I can get around to posting some pictures right after! Her birthday is on the 19th of December so stay tuned!

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