Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hogle Zoo

The day after we got back from Yellowstone we took Karra to the zoo. With Scott and I both working it is rare we get family time so we were taking full advantage of it. Karra had a blast we even let her ride the carousel and she loved every minute of it and was broken hearted when the ride was over.

Watching the monkeys

Mommy and Baby. Mom was age 25 and Baby was age 2. So fun to watch

Mommy and baby. Mom age 25 and Baby almost age 2!

Daddy and Karra watching the elephants

Say "Cheese"

There was a scale by the elephant pen and Karra wanted to weight herself

The scale

This year at the Zoo they have whats called Zoorassic Park. They have huge dinosaurs all over the park. All of them roar or growl and move. Karra loved seeing them as you can tell I couldn't get her to look at the camera at all.

The giraffe is so stinking tall 16'!

Waiting for the carousel to start. she chose the wolf I am assuming it had something to do with the yellowstone vacation and seeing as many as we did there.

Waving to Daddy

She was so sad when the ride was over and I had to take her off. I felt so bad!

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