Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yellow Stone

The begining of August we went to Yellowstone with my family. It was the first time in a while we have done a big family vacation. Karra had a blast looking at all the animals.

Karra likes to pretend she is listening to music by holding my ipod headphones

Mommy and Karra on the drive up

The sun was right in our face but it was an awesome stuffed bear or at least Karra thought so.

In the gift shop at the Bear and Wolf exhibit. Biggest Bear couch I have ever seen.

Mommy and Daddy on the giant Bear

Us at the paint pots

Another family photo. So pretty

We hiked up to this gorgeous waterfall

you can't say this isn't so amazing

The absolutely Gorgeous Sapphire Pool and one of my favorite things there

The Buffalo that decided to walk across the street in front of traffic and roll in the dirt

A wolf at the Bear and Wold Exhibit

Another Wolf there so pretty

The Bear at the Exhibit it decided to make the rock its toilet I realized it after I took the picture

Yellowstone Grand canyon

Scott took Karra swimming at the camp ground pool. She loves the water.

By Mammoth Hot Springs these Elk come down to the city and just chill in the middle of a round about. You can walk right up and take a picture. It was so awesome to get so close.

My sweet girl

Family picture

Scott and I

We saw this bear on the side of the mountain eating berries. He caused the biggest traffic jam.

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