Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Belly Pics

So everyone has been asking me for a belly pic. This one is definitely not flattering but I'm pregnant what is flattering??? LOL So for those who have been asking this is what I look like pregnant. Only 17 days until I find out if I am having a girl or a boy, Hopefully the doctor will be able to tell. I go to the doctor on July 31st at 8:30 in the morning! I can't wait the suspense is killing me! I just want to know so I can get clothes and things for my baby pickle!


Sensibly Smooth said...

Ahhh Em, that is soooo sweet! I still can't believe it. Does it move a lot? Make sure you post what baby pickle is once you know. I am thinking boy ;)

Lowe Down said...

if you want to find out earlier go to walgreens, and pick up a kit there. I think its called gender kit. you pee ina cup and what ever color it turns, it will tell you if you are having a girl or a boy!!! It's only $30 and I heard people that have done it and it really works!!!! Im goingto try it this weekend! and I will definetly give you a call!!!! :)

Sensibly Smooth said...

Ahhh Em, good luck today! I can't wait to see the baby and find out what your having. It is so exciting :D