Sunday, September 23, 2012


 In February we bought Karra her very first pet! She got a glo fish. When you turn on the lights it glows in the dark underneath the black lights that are in the tank. She named it Mamo (aka Nemo) she can't say Nemo. After we bought one we of course had to get more. We added sunny, peaches, and blue. The only one left now is peaches and its becuase she ate all the other fish. Karra knows its peaches but sometimes she calles it Mamo in memory of the first fish. 

In march my sister-in-law Jen got married. I gained 2 new nieces and a nephew. They were a gorgeous couple and the wedding turned out awesome!

Karra and the original fish Mamo

My father in law and myself
The beautiful couple! Congrats!

Karra hugging her Aunt Lori and Aunt Shannon

Scott and his dad

Scott and I

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