Friday, September 11, 2009


Its sideways......Oh well don't have the time to change it but this is an idea my sister had to put into Karra's room. It is a vase full of fake daisies the color of her room! It is so cute in the corner!

These are some boxes I painted to look like blocks. I painted them and used scrap booking things to decorate them! They are so cute. I am very proud of them.

These are some things I bought to decorate they are just sitting on a plastic shelf until I get my shelf up. They are so cute! Thanks to places like real deals i don't have to spend a lot to buy cute stuff!!!!

Here are some more things just stuck on a dresser for now. But the are all so cute and when I eventually get them where they need to go her room will be so adorable! I can't wait. And sorry the pictures are so blurry they were taken with my phone....... someday we will invest in a camera that is better than what we have. Someday before Karra is born thats for sure!

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