Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Terrible the Horrible No Good Very Bad Day!

Our week this was week was......well how shall we put this not ideal. On thursday Scott and I were both working. I happened to come home on my lunch break to relax and get away from work and well that was the last thing that was able to happen. I came home to a toilet over flowing for no reason. The bathroom was covered in an inch of water and the worst thing was it took me 10 minutes to turn the rusted knob to actually turn of the water. There was so much water I didn't even have enough towels to sop it up. I was so frusterated. Scott came home after work and was able to fix everything thank goodness. He is such a good husband.

But that is just the start of bad news. On friday morning scott woke up early hoping to to get into work an hour early and put an extra hour into work hoping to get some more leads for work. He got up around 6:00 a.m and got ready and left with a huge smile on his face knowing his day would be great, however, he got out to our car in our covered parking stall and our honda civic is up on blocks and the front driver side wheel was stolen. As in gone, not even the lugs were left. Someone stole our tire.......seriously who does that. So scott comes running into the house to tell me i woke up in a panic we had no idea what to do. We finally called orem police and the Officer came over and did a police report. I couldn't believe it, i never thought that would happen to us after all we don't even live in california anymore we live in utah! So i drove scott to work in american fork.

Oh yes it gets worse! I drove scott to work and before we left he locked the door but he locked the dead bolt which sometimes my key decides not to open. I get home 15 minutes before I have to get to work wanting to change to work clothes and out of my pajamas. But i couldn't i had to drive back up to scotts work to get the key. I was able to get home by 8:07 am. Late already i came home threw on clothes, no makeup, didn't d omy hair, and rushed to work I made it to work by 8:15. Only 15 minutes late after a morning like that being late just added one more thing! This was the terrible horrible no good very bad day!

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Heather said...

Oh my gosh, Em! That's AWFUL!!! Seriously...who does that?!?! I hope you have a MUCH better day today!