Monday, November 17, 2008

Guitar Cookies

Well yesterday after church I got a little bored. Since scott worked I decided to surprise him and make guitar cookies. Needless to say it was more difficult than I thought. I did use a cookie cutter however the "neck" of the cookie would break non stop. I almost gave up. Finally after all my hard work Scott got home and loved them. I know I'm an amazing wife! We decided to frost them. Some we actually made to look like a guitar........or as much like a guitar as we could...... it was again more difficult than we thought. But for the most part we were lazy. But they tasted really good!


byuredhead4 said...

HI!!! Yay!!! Thanks for calling me back so quickly with the addresses! Talk to you soon!

Jen said...

Hey you cute married couple! You guys are all grown up. Good to see you on the blog. Cute cookies!